monastery_dgAmong the seven monastic colleges in Drepung Monastery (formerly the largest monastery in Tibet), Drepung Gomang Monastic College is oldest.  The College was established in 1416 by Jamyang Choje Tashi Pelden, a disciple of Je Tsong Khapa, the founder of Gelug sect of Tibetan Buddhism.  At the time, Je Tsong Khapa predicted that the College would become one of the most famous and well-endowed of Drepung Monastery’s colleges.  This came to pass, producing many eminent scholars who contributed to the spread of Buddhism throughout Tibet.  Following the diaspora in 1959, only 60 monks escaped and rebuilt the monastery in exile in south India.  Since then monks have come from as far away as Mongolia, Russia, Tuva, Buryiat, Kalmykia and Inner Mongolia.  Currently 1850 monks are in Drepung Gomang Monastic College pursing their religious studies and activities.  Young novice monks also attend the Dre-Gomang Buddhist Cultural Association school where they learn modern subjects.  Those who are unable to pursue monastic studies are trained in tailoring, painting, computer works

Yonten Lhakpa, Adm# 4278

9 years old, he has been promoted to Class II (Second Grade). He is in good health and eagerly waiting
for His Holiness the Dalai Lama visit to their monastery next month (December). He is happy at the monastery and regularly attend his school which is only 100 yards from his dormitory (Khangtsen).

Lobsang Tsultrim, Adm#2772

Lobsang’s father works as a driver earning something to feed the family. His mother passed away few years back. He has one brother and two younger sisters in his family. He is currently in class Shun Gong (7th standard of Monastic curriculum). He also returned back from his annual vacation to visit his family in Mon Tawang.

Lobsang Jigme, Adm#3953  

Date of Birth: 9/9/2000
Class: IVth grade
Birthplace: Tawang, India
Year Of admission: 2010
Teacher: Gen Ngawang Chomphel

Sangay Norbu, adm#3844

Age: 11
Class: IIIrd grade
Birthplace: Tawang, India
Year Of admission: 2010
Teacher: Geshe Khedup gyatso

Yonten Lhakpa, adm#4278 Sponsored

Age: 6
Class: 1st grade
Birthplace: Nepal
Year Of admission: 2014
Teacher: Gen Jampa Thupten

Lobsang Yonten, Adm#2775

Lobsang family is a semi nomadic family in Mon Chang, a remote place of Arunachal Pradesh. His father earns something for family by raising domestic animals and mother works as farmer. He has two younger sisters and one elder brother. At present he is in class Kyab (8th Standard of Monastic curriculum). He just returned back from his annual vacation where he visited his family in Mon Tawang.

Jampa Sangay, Adm#3951

Jampa was admitted to monastery in 2010 as per wishes of his parents and he is currently reading in VIth grade. It is considered auspicious if one children from a family is admitted into a monastery. Also due to economic backwardness of remote Northeast region of Tawang, India, his family is facing financial problems to educate or provide better education to the children. They earn their living through small scale farming and occasional road repair works to meet the ends.

Tsultrim Kalsang, Adm#2568

Tsultrim alias Buchung, his father passed away a year ago, his mother and his seven brother leads a a semi nomadic life in Ladakh Zanskar, raising domestic animals during, farming during the farming season and also helping the tourist during the tourist season. 15 years has gone since he joined this monastery as a monk and currently he is in Kyab 4th Parchen (10th standard in monastic curriculum of sixteen year)

Yonten Tashi, Adm#4084    Age: 10

Class: Ist grade
Birthplace: Tawang, India
Year Of admission: 2012
Teacher: Gen Gelek Sangpo

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